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MPG Global is a leading mining and exploration company that specializes in operating in emerging markets. MPG Global prides itself on maximizing shareholder value, and on being a good citizen of the countries in which it operates and a good neighbor to the people who live there. MPG Global constantly strives to pioneer fresh perspectives and embraces change and modernization in the mining business.

While our primary goal is to maximize value for our stakeholders, we deeply care about making a positive impact on the lives of the people in the communities where we operate. MPG Global is extremely conscious about the environment and seeks to reduce its reliance on natural resources by integrating solar/wind energy and as many “green” elements as possible into our operations. We constantly search for better ways to move, monitor and manage our waste materials.

In addition, MPG Global believes that every family should have a clean, reliable (not seasonal) source of drinking water. To that end, we take into account the drilling and creation of water wells for the people of the neighboring communities in any area we intend to explore. We donate our expertise and our equipment to ensure that the local communities have fresh water for years to come.

For more than three years, a special spirit has kept MPG Global strong and the fires of our vision burning bright. Our past experiences, collective expertise and track record have us fully prepared for the economic, cultural and political challenges needed to succeed in any emerging market.


Mission performance globally is our mantra at MPG Global. Energy and efficiency drive our management plan. We dig deep to leverage our expertise and find the best ways to mine the opportunities ahead with careful attention to today’s realities - from geopolitics to environmental and safety concerns – and tomorrow’s possibilities. We strive for excellence in all endeavors – to hire the very best people, to lead with integrity and innovation, and to exceed the expectations of our partners, clients, and host countries and citizens. No matter where you find us, you’ll discover a company built to the gold standard of performance.

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