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MPG Global prides itself on hiring and retaining people with experience, knowledge and passion.

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MPG Global is a leading mining and exploration company that specializes in operating in emerging markets. MPG Global prides itself on maximizing shareholder value, and on being a good citizen of the countries in which it operates and a good neighbor to the people who live there. MPG Global constantly strives to pioneer fresh perspectives and embraces change and modernization in the mining business.


current projects

The MPG Serengeti properties (one PL and 4 PMLs) are located 30 km south west of Mara large Golden Glory mine (4.7 M oz), South East old Maji Moto gold Mine and very close to Kebramo gold prospect at Kebramo village on the eastern end of the Mara granite greenstone belt and on two intersecting two structural faults features controlling gold mineralization in the region.





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