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Igor KucherenkoIgor Kucherenko, President
As President and Founder of MPG Global, Inc., Mr. Kucherenko manages all aspects of the company’s exploration, mining and development strategy. Mr. Kucherenko has more than 19 years of executive experience in the natural resources industry. He is a managing partner and head of the Oil & Gas Department of VEK Capital Partners. Mr. Kucherenko has served as a Senior Advisor to Naftogaz and Intergaz and is an expert in managing teams and building revenues in emerging markets.


Ivan DakhnoIvan Dakhno, Vice President & Chief Mining Engineer
Mr. Dakhno has spent his 35-year career becoming an expert in the area of underground mining. He graduated from the Gorlovsky Industrial engineering college in 1976, specializing in the underground mining of coal deposits. He began his career as an underground foreman and proceeded to become a Senior Master in the area of explosives. Mr. Dakhno has also served as the Chairman of the Trade Union Trade Group and as the Deputy Director of the Enterprise at Blagovest in Gorlovka.


Grigoriy AlekseenkoGrigoriy Alekseenko, Vice President, Resource Evaluation
Mr. Alekseenko has nearly three decades of experience as a Geologist. He began his career as a Junior Geologist in 1983 and within two years was named Chief Geologist. Since then, Mr. Alekseenko has become one of the premier geologists in the industry, leading various research departments and acting as COO of a gold mining company. He studied at the Moscow Institute of Geology and Prospecting, specializing in geological survey, prospecting, and the exploration of mineral deposits. Mr. Aledseenko is a Certified Micro Mine Geologist.


Gret OlegGret Oleg, Senior Geologist & Project Manager
Mr. Oleg’s expertise in geological survey and the exploration of mineral deposits has been demanded around the world from Peru to Russia. Mr. Oleg studied at the Ivan Franko National University of L’viv. He has worked as a Chief Geologist and researcher at over ten mine sites and universities across the globe. He most recently directed the exploration of the Bobrikov field in Ukraine.


Amedeus D. RaphaelAmedeus D. Raphael, Vice President, Exploration
Mr. Raphael has served as the Vice President of Exploration for two years.  He is an expert in exploration technology, with hundreds of hours in certification training.  Mr. Raphael received his education at the University of Dar es Salaam.


Yaschenko Vladymyr AleksandrovichVladimir Yaschenko, Vice President, Underground Mining
Mr. Aleksandrovich has built mines for over 40 years and has become one of the premier specialists in the industry. He began his career at the Krivoi Rog Mining University in 1968. Throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s, Mr. Aleksandrovich served as the Vice President of various companies, directing their open pit and underground mining activities. For over two decades, he has served as the President of AOZT Tekhnokon and directed construction of the Krimtsovskaya mine.


Exceptional people are the heart and soul of MPG. Our management team is committed to hiring the best people and developing them to meet our investment goals and exceed expectations for our company, clients, and communities.

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